Entry Title: "Suburban Walls"
Name: Mats Reslow , Sweden
Category and Expertise: Abstract, Non-Professional

Entry Description: Emporia, Malmö, Sweden

About the Artist:

I am a photographer living in Sweden on the countryside outside the city of Malmö. I have been creating mostly abstract paintings all my life but have now the recent year found a passion for photography. In my own photography landscapes, waterscapes, cityscapes, and still life – are my main fields of interest. Some of inspirational photographers are Jack Spencer, Shōji Ueda, Michael Kenna. I like simple and minimalistic compositions. Most of my photos are in black and white but sometimes also in muted colours. As I live in a rural part of Skåne most of my landscape photos are taken from there. Skåne has also a long beautiful coastline where I take seascape photos. The cities of Malmö and Copenhagen offer many possibilities for cityscapes and architectural photos.