Street Reflections

PhotographerRoj Whitelock
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

'Street Reflections' is an exploration of anonymity and reflection within a city environment. Shot exclusively in London they combine the transformation of the street environment through wet weather and the decisive moment of people passing by to create a sense of anonymity, isolation and other worldliness. The images have all been shot on location between March 4 2014 and May 18 2015 as part of an ongoing exploration of the theme. They make a statement about the artist, English culture and city life.


Since 2014 I have been exploring themes of anonymity and isolation within a city environment through candid street photography. A recurring theme has been capturing isolated figures reflected in rainwater. Working in London, England rain is an occupational hazard which I have come to love and embrace. Rain transforms the city streets into another world, bending and distorting reality into a new reality of reflection and misdirection. It means I am also able to capture the isolated figures I’m looking for without ever training the lens directly on them. To me this is a metaphor for city life - an environment where direct contact is avoided and we all carry with us in isolation our own individual city existing only for us. Street reflections speaks of this disconnect, a sense of other worldliness and a shared sense of isolation between subjects and artist. This selection of images have been captured between March 4 2014 and May 18 2015 as part of an ongoing thematic series and represent street photography in it’s true form - a theatre of unexpected and unpredictable juxtapositions frozen in a decisive moment.