Expo Sky

PhotographerRoberto Scarani
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Milan, Expo 2015. Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. Each picture shows in the frame both a a pavillion and a piece of sky over it, to spread the idea that each country develops different strategies and projects to "feed our planet" but we all share the same world where all natural resources must be safeguarded.


Milan, Expo 2015. Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. People from countries all over the world gather under a small piece of sky in Milan. Though we all feed our planet with our own peculiar vision, strategies, technologies and environmental projects, we all share the same sky and air to preserve and protect. In the same way, each pavillion shows different shapes and colors but all countries are committed to spread the idea of a world where food, water, air and all primary needs are equally affordable for each human being in the world, in an harmonious balance between all natural resources. Nevertheless, we still struggle to reach this virtuos balance between nature and technology, to safeguard an adequate and correct use of natural resources without excessive exploitation and mistreatment.

About Photographer

MD in Milan, specialist in Pain Therapy and Palliative Care, Married, two daughters and one son.