Name: Kirstin Schmitt , Cuba
Category and Expertise: Political|Social Cause, Non-Professional

Entry Description: Cuba. 17.Deciembre. Ever year thousands of believers make a pilgrimage to a church, dedicated to San Lázaro (Babalu Ayé in the Afrocuban Santeria Religion) in a suburb of Havana. Devotees of Saint Lazarus are dressed in purple cloth or in a jute sack. Some walk barefooted many Kilometer to the church, or are crawling on bloody knees, towing heavy objects such as large rocks, cement blocks or sacred statues, to cause miracles or express thanking thankfulness for a miracle experience. The historic announcment of the rapprochement of the archenemies Cuba and USA on 17.12.2015 the “Day of Saitnt Lázaro”, was not a coincidence, but a well planned political staging: A new miracle!

About the Artist:

documentary filmmaker and cinematographer, photographer / Lives and works since 2006 between Berlin and Havana ________AWARDS 2016 * 1st place, IPA 2016 Professional, Event : Social Cause * Winner, LAF5-Latin American Fotografía 5, NY, USA 20 * 1st prize SONY WORLD PHOTOGRAPHER AWARD professional category ART/candid, UK * Honorable mention, IPA 2016 Professional in 5 category´s for the series WAITING FOR THE CANDYMEN, USA * Honorable mention, IPA 2016 Professional in 4 category´s for the photo MARSHLAND * Honorable mention, 5th LIFE FARMER „an instant“ contest * Honorable mention, professional competition PX3, Prix de la Photographie Paris for the series ARROZ CON MANGO - THE NEW MEN, FRANCE * Honorable mention at „THE FAMILY OF MEN“ by IPA-International Photography Awards, professional competition in 4 category´s, USA 2015 * Honorable mention in 8 categories at IPA-International Photography Awards * Honorable mention in 2 categories at IPA-International Photography Awards for the series PAN CON CROQUETA 2011 * ScriptCamp, Germany 2006 * Baden-Wuerttemberg Scholarship ________EXHIBITIONS / FESTIVALS / ART FAIRS 2016 * 5th SIPF-Singapore International photography festival, * PhotoKina, Cologne, GERMANY * SOMERSET HOUSE, London, UK * TONNARA DE MARZAMEMI, Sicily, ITALY * Willy Brandt Haus, Berlin, GERMANY * U SPACE, Beijing, CHINA * Alliance française, La Habana, CUBA, * SOCIEDAD DANTE ALIGHIERI, La Habana, CUBA * SPAZIO TADINI, Milano, ITALY 2015 * Galería "Julio Larramendi", La Habana, CUBA * FIAU-Festival de Arte Urbana Havana, CUBA * 12. Bienal de La Habana, presented by Fundación Caguayo, CUBA * Art Basel Miami - Scop art show, USA 2014 * Art Basel Miami - Scop art show, USA 2013 * New Talent Biennale Colonge, GERMANY