Forbidden Expression

PhotographerLim Tee Lip
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Where men of strength and age are not culturally accepted to be in such state of vulnerability, fragility and love they have for each other. Can society see beyond its own blindness.


Culturally the common notion of men, especially those of matured age or larger in size are not accepted to be seen as vulnerable, fragile or even in love between themselves. As it counters the social norms of manliness and what it means to be a man. Such superficial and overly simplification of men throughout civilization has objectified men into a stereotypical mindset. In itself became an unending self-fulfilling prophecy fueled even further by mainstream media. In our age of amplified enlightenment and social media influences, these men are exploring and expressing boundaries that touched nerves among the conservatives and religious. Challenging societal norms and finding means to break out of the proverbial molds. Such is the courage and traction that modern men hopes to gain. Conceptually via the power of visuals, I hope that my series of photographs can be that catalyst to trigger thoughts and concern over the state of our preconceived perspectives on what it meant to be a man, and that men too are equally human and express like everyone else on the spectrum of humanity. The use of white cloth is symbolic of the fragility and vulnerability, as well as the purity of intention. Every hopes and desires laid bare, waiting for society to lift off that cloak of misconception and reveal the true nature of mankind. For big men have big hearts and big dreams that deserve freedom of expressions.