Black Mirror

PhotographerYoshihiko Wada
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Fukoku-Seimei Building, located in Osaka. The building might be one of the most photogenic architecture in Osaka,Japan. I've come to shot here many times but the architecture always gives me a new perspective. A typhoon had passed over Osaka the day before I shoot, then I expected a good weather came:clear blue sky and rapid moving clouds. My expectation was right. 4 minutes exposure was enough to capture this dramatic moment. The sunlight came from back of the main building, and the light reflected opposite building made some interesting patterns on the windows.

About Photographer

As well as being a passionate photographer, Yoshihiko is also a professional sound designer in the very demanding video game industry. The long days and nights debugging games or sitting in a sound studio would eventually wear him out. In search of something new and fresh, Yoshihiko's passion for photography started in 2011 when he purchased his first DSLR, a Nikon D90 which was the beginning of his unique photography career. Waterfalls were his first obsession and found himself totally enamored with the surrealistic smooth flow caused by ND filters and found himself visiting a creek near his home every weekend, and experimenting with various filters. He gradually changed his preferences and photography style and now finds himself in his most comfortable place in the black and white fine art genre. He finds inspiration from both Julia and Joel Tjintjelarr, who are pioneers of this genre. He learned the basics of this distinct post process style from them, daylight hyper long exposure with high contrast black and white processing. He now incorporates his own ideas, themes, colorings, and methods into his images. He believes his photographs are not philosophical or difficult and everyone can easily understand them when they first see them. He thinks of his photographs as entertainment and if people can be entertained and feel joy from them he'd be very happy.