Entry Title: "Walls Vodka Lies"
Name: Erik Slot , Netherlands
Category and Expertise: Book, Professional

Entry Description: Book Walls Vodka Lies: Warsaw, Brzeskastreet: The backside of the emerging district of Praga. People who already live here for generations are burdened by rising rents, demolition, speculation and a disinterested government. Their new neighbours are junkies and homeless. The inner spaces and the market are the common domain of these groups. And from Kacper and Julia, teenagers who do their best rapping and breakdancing to just grow up. I am showing the neighbourhood through the eyes of Kacper and Julia without making a story about them. What will their changes be to escape this environment?

About the Artist:

Erik Slot (The Netherlands, 1967) Having been interested in photography since childhood, it took me until my forties to gain the courage to make a career switch and become a professional photographer. I graduated as a documentary photographer from the Amsterdam Photo Academy in December 2015. Throughout my work, issues of righteousness, socio-cultural mechanisms and the (in)ability of people to control their own lives play a central role. I am fascinated by the influence of physical surroundings on people’s chances in life.