The Children of San Quintin

PhotographerGriselda San Martin
Prize3rd Place in People / Children
Entry Description

In Mexico’s San Quintin valley, thousands of farmworkers are hired every day as a source of cheap and flexible labor. They endure long hours hand-picking produce in extremely hot temperatures for as little as 9 dollars a day. The areas where they live are of difficult access and large families are crammed into small rooms in makeshift houses made of cardboard and plastic, without electricity or running water. Many children are unable to attend school because their families cannot afford the nominal fees or pay for uniforms and shoes. They are instead left unattended as the parents head out to the farms or are soon taken to the fields where they are put to work helping to harvest the crops. With little or no resources and limited access to an education, their childhood is lost and the cycle of poverty is perpetuated with little hope of a better future.