Entry Title: " Christian Reconquest - Moors and Christians celebrations"
Name: Pedro Galisteo , Spain
Category and Expertise: Event, Professional

Entry Description: In the year 711 Tariq ibn Ziyad led a strong Muslim army across the Straits of Gibraltar from Morocco. His army quickly defeated the ruling Visigothic forces of King Roderick and faced little resistance in taking control of their capital, Toledo. With the fall of Cordoba an Islamic state known as ‘Al-Andalus’ was formed under direct control of Damascus which was the capital of the Islamic world. Only a few years later the Christian Reconquest of Iberia began in the mountains of Asturias and a 700 year battle began to evict the occupiers. This story tells about the Christian side and his Reconquest, in a modern way to understand this historical fact. The story is told from Ontinyent , a town of Valencia (Spain) where these traditions are held for more than a century

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