The Wall

Prize1st Place in Editorial / Political
Entry Description

My project documents families separated by immigration status who meet on both sides of the border fence at Friendship Park, the only federally established binational meeting place along the 2,000-mile border dividing the United States and Mexico. I examine these border interactions at a time of rising xenophobic political climate. In the US, presidential candidate Donald Trump is campaigning on the promise to build an Iron Curtain to “make America secure again”. As a result of this ultra nationalistic rhetoric and the media’s negative portrayal, immigrants are often conceived of as a fundamental threat to American identity. My aim is to reveal the human side of immigration and to challenge popular assumptions and dominant media discourses. My photographs confront the viewer with a different reality. Families are shattered by immigration enforcement. Immigrants are casualties of a broken immigration system. My goal is to provoke thought and inspire social justice.