PhotographerMerethe Wessel-Berg
Prize1st Place in Fine Art / Nudes
About Photographer

Merethe Wessel-Berg is a Norwegian photographer based in Oslo, Norway (b. 1973, Aurskog, Norway). Her specialities are fine art photography, street photography and personal narratives, expressed in black and white. Henri Matisse: “I’ve been forty years discovering that the queen of all colours is black". Curiosity is her main tool in photography and in life. She would like her photographs to be like questions. Like scenes from a movie. The immediate. "The emotional content of a photograph is essential for me", she says. "When I make my pictures, I use my emotions and temperament. And I hope that the pictures have enough room and openness to allow the viewers to hear their own associations and feelings, too. I want to explore the nuances, what I didn´t already know, what takes me by surprise, rather than the main events or clear, closed stories". Merethe's work is exhibited in Germany, UK, Crimea, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Hungary, Greece, Russia, U.S, Philippines, China and Norway (solo/ group). In 2016 her work was showcased in Berlin Foto Biennale, and in Splaslight Studios, New York, Lucie Awards Event. In June 2017 she participated in the international festival "StreetFoto San Francisco". She received 4 awards in Px3 2017, 1 award in MIFA 2017 and 2 awards in IPA 2016. Her work is published in the latest issue of - Black and White Magazine (U.S) , Issue #121, June 2017. - SHOTS Magazine, Issue #136, Summer 2017. She received the Project-/ Exhibition Grant (2006 and 2016) from the Norwegian Professional Photographer's Fund/ Norske Fagfotografers Fond.