Kingfisher in Hunt

PhotographerPetar Sabol
Prize1st Place in Nature / Wildlife
Entry Description

Underwater action of a small bird Kingfisher shows the bird's exceptional ability to hunt underwater, diving with blistering speed into the water and unmatched precision with his sharp beak grabbing a small fish. Just a fraction of a second, after successful hunt, he flies out of the water with high speed toward the branch from where he spotted the prey. Soon after he kills the fish, smashing it on the branch with a few knocks and swallows it.

About Photographer

Since the early days, photo enthusiast Petar Sabol was fascinated with numerous various details of wildlife, especially with the details hardly visible to human eye. Therefore, he finds major inspiration in MACRO world (particularly insects) that surrounds us with rich details & colors ,often invisible to many people. He has been taking photographs for about 5 years now and not a day passes by without him learning or discovering something new. He likes long walks and nature exploration, and misses no chance to take a good photograph. Whenever he finds himself in a location that suits the eye, he perpetuates the given moment in order to later share this amazing experience with us.