Prize2nd Place in Sports / Water sports
Entry Description

Inspirational stories --Shots captured during the paralympic swimming world championship held in Glasgow swimming centre in 2015. Every one of the swimmer i managed to talk to had stories of courage and determination and every time i feel low i go through some of these images to get inspiration.One of the swimmers mentioned to me how after being assaulted by her boy friend left her with brain injury and muscle weakness and yet how she is determined to prove to him that he has not succeeded in making her feel defeated. The blind swimmer competed with their coaches banging a stick with bells against the floor to guide them the general and lane direction. Their other team mates shouted and clapped in the forward direction to cheer and also to guide them and the atmosphere was more than inspirational.To me this is one of the best sports photography opportunities ever.

About Photographer

Love photography in any format that is challenging and brings out the dynamics and emotions.Main interest is in wildlife, sports and fine art photography but have tried almost all other types which i find interesting or challenging. Have won many awards from PSA and FIAP competitions but the main awards include 1.Amatuer photographer of the year 2015 - One eye land. 2.Advertising photographer of the year 2016(amateur) - PX3 3.Bagged6 gold awards, 2 bronze awards and 9 honourable mention at PX3 2016. 4. Epson pano awards - international photographer of the year(2015) - finalist 5.Jeff Mitchum fine art awards(Australia2015) - finalist.