Sunset of Antarctica

CompanyRoie Galitz Ltd.
PhotographerRoie Galitz
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Huge Mountains of ice are crushing to the ocean from the glaciers of Antarctica and become Icebergs. This Iceberg is a temporary home to hundreds of Adelie Penguins which you can see on its bottom and they can help scale this sky-scraping iceberg. The sunset was at 23:30 and the sun illuminated the mountains behind the Iceberg as they look as they are burning. One of the strongest images concerning global warming.

About Photographer

Roie Galitz is a professional wildlife photographer with passion for the high Arctic and the Savannahs of Africa. In his images, Roie Galitz tries to bring a story to the viewers. for more, you're welcome to follow him on facebook.