"American Fire"

PhotographerRuby Pacheco
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyRuby's Guide Photography
City/CountryFolsom, United States
Photo Date8/17/13
Entry Description

Northern California Sunset, USA I took this photo in August 2013, revealing the smoldering sunset that occurred during the American Fire wildfire that raged through the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. Heavy smoke swept across Lake Tahoe Basin and Sacramento Valley. This photo isn't depicting the fire itself, but rather the effect of the intense smoke on the clouds and sky, as the sun set. Increased warm temperatures, long periods without rain and earlier snow melts in California, have resulted in a devastating 5-year drought. These elements result in dried up forests, which can lead to wildfires and the the release of greenhouse gasses. These gasses contribute to the continued warming of our climate.

About Photographer

Ruby Pacheco is an award-winning nature photographer from California. Her art includes her unique vision of sunsets, water, clouds, trees and landscapes. Her love of nature began as a child on a ranch in Central California, surrounded by animals, acres of crops, clear water and blue skies. After working in Marketing for high-tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, and obtaining a law degree, Ruby began working as a professional photographer. It has brought her back to her beloved nature. She has a unique editing style, emphasizing bold colors, texture, and an original perspective - a fresh take on nature photography. If you speak to her about her art, you will often hear her say, "I hope you are inspired by my photography, as you see the world through my eyes." She is most often told by clients and others that her photographs evoke strong emotions in them. rubysguide.com