Playing with the Past

PhotographerLisa Cuomo
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

This picture was taken during the rehearsals of a theater play in a centenarian theater (The Pavón) in Madrid, Spain. Actually, it happened during a break. The actress was playing with a little girl. I tried to capture the magic of the moment. On the right, we seem to look at the past. The princess skirt, the carpet, the Barbie dools, the shoes, the tissue, the piece of furniture, the warm colors... All these elements kind of recreate a little girl's room. On the contrary, on the left, the colors become colder. Everything looks fuzzy. A man is passing, there are cables on the floor and the little girl appears spectral. It looks like the actress is playing with the child-version of herself. She is playing with the past, trying to escape her adult life for... just a little while.