Ties of perception

PhotographerNofar Horovitz
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

A black and white studio , self portrait . this image is the leading image of the series "Ties of perception " I decided to express in this project my view of humans and their desires, the glass walls that we erect in our way, when we are prevented from achieving our dreams and ambitions. Compromising on the mediocre, the norm, the ordinary instead of setting ourselves goals that we perceive as daydreams, with only a rare chance of fulfillment. Relinquishing before it is too late future aims and dreams, whether in the fields of relationships, career, or actually any aspect of life, on the simple basis that there are few chances that we will achieve them. All this led me to understand the many barriers that we set ourselves, and as such, we are the only ones, and in truth, the first, to sabotage our happiness.

About Photographer

ART SHOWS, EXHIBITIONS AND AWARDS - "imagination 2017 "- Israeli art exhibition benefiting the Israeli AIDS task force - Awarded Honorable mention- fine art category –" international photography awards 2016" - Awarded Honorable mention – fine art , and nude art categories – " the monochrome awards 2016" - "LE DAME" art Gallery London -3 months group exhibition 2016 - Awarded Honorable mention – "The ND photography awards" -2016 -Awarded Honorable mention in the " Fine art photography awards " 2016 -"Imagination 2016" – Tel- Aviv, Israel -"shalva"-a special gala donation exhibition benefiting "shalva" non-profit organization , to help disabled kids. -"NOFAR HOROVITZ-MONOCHROME",2015 , Berlin, Germany A solo Art exhibition in Berlin, presenting selected work from 4 different black and white projects . - "Art about" Frankfurt (palm garten),2015 , Germany A group exhibition of Israeli artists , for closed audience ,and the Israeli consul . - "ART & ABOUT GALLERY", 2015 , Israel A yearly multiple artists group exhibition - Awarded Honorable mention in the 2015 " IPA awards " – fine art-nude category -"Imagination 2015" – Tel- Aviv, Israel Israeli art exhibition benefiting the Israeli AIDS task force. All art sales proceeds will be dedicated to the fight against AIDS -"Bookface 2014" – Yaffo port, Israel Grand portraits exhibition of the person behind the photograph -"Conflict 2014 " – Zezeze Gallery Tel-Aviv port, Israel Theme art show about conflicts in the Israeli society - Awarded honorable mention in the 2014 " MONOCHROME photography awards " -ART & ABOUT" 2014- Munich ,Germany " Grand Israeli art exhibition in Munich summer of 2014 INTERVIEWS ARTiculAction magazine - https://goo.gl/KbQQED Monovisions magazine- http://monovisions.com/nofar-horovitz-interview-with-nude-photographer/