Photographermitar terzic
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

In all my project the props and masks for the characters are made by myself. For the shooting I used two models and natural light. For several shots i used multiple exposure and always minimum photoshop adjustments .


Architecture is a part of out everyday life. We are surrouded by apartment buildings, skyscrapers, towers, bridges etc . But sometimes we encounter constructions with shapes forms and promotion very different from the ordinary architecture. Where from those architects are getting their ideas and inspiration? Is it result of artistic creativity or there are something more? Does their work could be influenced by images transmitted by gens through thousands of generations? Genetic memory is the memory we received from our ancestors via DNA. Information about something seen , heard or experimented long time ago, from somebody who shared with us the same genetic material. The idea of this project is the hypothesis that in their work, these great architects were inspired by traces of memory, receiving flashes of forms and constructions which already existed long time ago. Meybe, thay are gifted with privilege of ¨remembering¨the things which other people can unconsciously recognize.