CompanySisters Of The Woods
PhotographerSisters Of The Woods
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

To change a relative place, perception or normal order of… Transposed is an ongoing series of abstract monochromatic works expanding on notions of reality. A change in perspective leads to a change in experience. Momentary black and white horizon lines become distorted and rearranged through an emergent and transient practice. Each piece in the series allows the witness to embark upon new cycles of imagination and associations, providing an experimental chance to dream and envision from their own subconscious — to be transported into worlds of their own creation.

About Photographer

Melissa Amber + River Lee are conceptual fine artists known as Sisters Of The Woods. Residing in British Columbia, Canada the women use the lens of photography to intuitively explore many aspects of multi sensory experiences. Using abstraction mingled within the actual. Their photographic explorations open the doors to powerful perspectives and partnerships within self (psyche) and the wildness of nature.