Washed Away

PhotographerAmir Levy
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryTel Aviv, Israel
Entry Description

Pointe au Chenne is a native american community that is located at the front-line of Louisiana coastal line. For decades they used to hunt, fish, trap and farm the land. Due to a combination of rising sea level, coastal erosion that was caused from oil exploration and devastating hurricanes the tribe is losing its wetlands. A 2 mile long, narrow road that leads to Isle de Jean Charles is often flooded, cutting off the community. In the 1950' there were more then 80 families on the island , but today there are only 20-30 families left on the island. Although the Island received a $48 million grant from the federal government to be used for relocation the voices on the island are divided, when some are willing to be relocated for the future of the young generation, others are against saying the land is in the lord's hand and not for sale.

About Photographer

, 32 , Israeli photographer born and raised in Jerusalem . after 3 years of photojournalism study I joined a sports website in Israel. at 2010 I joined Ynet News as a freelance photographer. today I am working with leading news medias and agencies in Israel.