Cut Food

PhotographerBeth Galton
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryNYC, United States
Photo Date2013
Entry Description

My career has been spent photographing many iconic food products so that they are appetizing and appealing. This series was inspired by my desire to explore their interiors rather than their traditional exterior. Commonplace foods found in our everyday life are particularly intriguing to me because of their presence within our society. By cutting them in half we move past the simple appetite appeal and explore the interior worlds within finding at times unexpected textures, or colors. I chose to light them with a harder light, and to place them against black. This approach helps separate these photos from classic food imagery. None of these images would have been created if it were not for the collaboration with food stylist Charlotte Omnès and the retouching done by Daniel Hurlburt and Ashlee Gray.