Architectural wave.

PhotographerFrédéric DUCOS
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyFrédéric DUCOS Photographer
City/CountryLE BOUSCAT, France
Photo Date24/03/2017
Technical InfoNikon D810, f3.5, 28mm, 1/1250
Entry Description

Conceptual picture in color of a modern building in a big spanish city. The wall looks like a beautiful big wave.

About Photographer

Professionnal art photographer from France, I want to offer photo creations with a fresh and poetic artistic style based mostly on the seaside, a source of infinite inspiration for my work. I'm available for partnerships and work in fashion / sport / advertising (worldwide). Awards : Sandisk contest 2015, PX3 Paris 2017, MIFA Moscow 2017.