I Am Papua New Guinea

PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanySandro Productions
City/CountryChicago, United States
Photo DateMay 2017
Technical Infodigital photograph
Entry Description

Papua New Guinea is one of the world’s most culturally diverse countries.  It has 852 known spoken languages and a population of just over 7 million, with 85% of its inhabitants living in rainforests. The country of Papua New Guinea is one of the least explored culturally and geographically in the world. Overcome by curiosity, I have traveled the country photographing over 450 tribes, men and women from such tribes as the Asaro Mudmen, the Omo Masali Skeleton People, the Huli Wingmen, the Kuruwari Tribe the Hotwara Tribe, the Yenchan Tribe, the Sili Muli of Enga and the Huli of Hela just to name a few. Historically, this work will become very important in the study of the social anthropology of Papua New Guinea, as Western civilization begins its inroads into this society.