Rinascita | Renaissance | Re-Birth #2 batch

CompanyStudio Moses Pini Siluk
PhotographerMoses Pini Siluk
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Moses Pini Siluk (born 9 December 1982) is an Israeli photographer. Currently living in between New York City and Tel Aviv. “Ever since I can remember my biggest love and most common child's play was to use my imagination to travel trough space and time, These self portraits are not just about my ‘self’, They are On Self-portraits. I'm reliving the spirit of my heroes - those whose works and lives have touched me deeply, and in that process allowing their strengths to unlock mine. Perhaps through this process I can have access to their heroic, artistic archetype." The saying ‘every painter paints himself’ which was first documented in the early Renaissance, has been mentioned by artists ever since including myself


The term Renaissance is derived from the Italian word ‘Rinascita’ which literally means ‘Rebirth‘ Rebirth of classical learning and values, Rebirth of a lost human spirit and wisdom Birth of the ‘Renaissance Man’ These men who shaped the Renaissance are the subjects of my work. Their spirit, mind and soul had a profound impact on my creative process and inspired me to create this series of Self Portratis I refer to as 'On-self portraits’ Experiences from their lives that I identify with led me to embarked on a journey through the fabric of space and time. With great enthusiasm and determination I studied the lives and works of these masters till I felt their teachings and being submerged into my psyche allowing me to encompass all that is them. I imagined us having intimate conversations into the night about life, love, work, fun and mostly about art. After weeks of ongoing conversations - I imagined that they asked me to make them a portrait, on myself, Hence the birth of the “On - Self Portrait”. It was as if my soul was driving the process but I had yet to truly understand it’s true significance. Only after I completed the process and had time to reflect on my work did I realize the parallels that attracted me to the lives of these great heroes. My identity lied in their truths. Spiritually, I wanted to bring these artists into the present and pay homage to their souls, to their dreams coming true. Subconsciously hoping it will mirror mine. I believe that dreams and stories are an important part of our existence. We question our process, we question how it will be accepted. Something inside us, a force greater then us compels us to take risks, regardless of the consequences. We stand naked in our truth and we tell our stories. It is in that space of truth, that an unbound connection is made, a connection woven through the fabric of time. Method I spent weeks planning the transformations. With the help of wigs, mustaches, beards, silicon implants, make-up, clothing, props and whatever I found necessary in order to create a respectful, worthy portrait. Packing everything into a suitcase, I set forth on my voyage. Scouting the perfect location of each transformation, I found myself traveling through cities such as Florence, Vinci, Tuscany, New York, Paris, Ibiza, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem. I used my camera on a tripod connected with WiFi to my phone, airing live the visual of what the lens see. After I fixed the composition and focused the parameters I came in front of the camera and stood where I felt will be most appealing to create an harmonic composition I pushed the shutter button trough my Iphone app for a 20 photo interval with 3 second between each shoot and this was when the magic happened.