PhotographerBise Jean-Claude
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryNeuchâtel, Switzerland
Photo Date2017
Technical Infodigital camera
Entry Description

Project - series - Mountains Through this photographic series I propose a reflection on global warming. I chose to illustrate my questioning, to present the mountains of Switzerland in a symbolic way. Each composition has a different questioning subject: 1. relating to geolocation - Mountains map 2. relating to information - Mountains data 3. concerning the use of the subject - Mountains of gold 4. relative to pixelation of the image - Pixels mountains 5. Relating to Heat - Mountains of fire 6. Relating to Melting Ice - Flooded mountains The photographs are from the internet. Deconstructed, extracted from their contexts, then rebuilt on a new image support, including some elements coming from my personal stock.   It seems to me opportune, through my photographic work, to raise questions concerning the future evolution of our planet. 2017

About Photographer

Jean- Claude Bise Beaux Arts 15 2000 Neuchâtel Switzerland Artist photographer Tel. +41792188769 E-mail: Website: Born in 1949 in Neuchâtel Nationality: Swiss I am a self-taught photographer. I learned in the labs of my friends, who were painters and photographers in the artistic movements of the 60-70s - psychedelic, Pop Art and rock bands. Powered by the energy surrounding them, I chose photography to express my ideas and concerns – an activity that still fascinates me. In my photographic approach, I try to provide food for thought. I ask myself questions about us and our changing society and about the perception of the things of everyday life. I use linear perspective, color and composition – elements required for the construction of the image, and try to eliminate external components as much as possible, in order to simplify its reading in a manner that borders abstraction, in a sort of minimalistic approach. Biography Urban Landscape 2013 : Expo-group - 1650 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 90026 PREMIO ARTE LAGUNA Prize 13.14 - 2014 ( Venice): Expo – group Biennale de Nancy 2014 : Expo-group