PhotographerLorena Cordero
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyNeurona Digital
City/CountryQuito, Ecuador
Photo Date2017
Technical InfoShot with Canon Mark III
Entry Description

This series is about going into the soul. I am using virgins and goddesses from different cultures to represent spirituality through feminity.

About Photographer

Lorena Cordero, photographer and digital artist, born in Quito, Ecuador in 1971. The first camera I got, a Canon AE1, was given to me as a gift from my older brother who died some years after that. Through time I recall that moment and realize that photography has connected me to vast infinite worlds. I went to Parsons NY and then Paris for a couple of years to study photography. When I returned home (Quito) I had the feeling that I didn’t know enough, that maybe I should have stayed longer... This was a powerful tool. I started to teach myself what I didn’t know and to deepen what I had learnt, and this led me to discover new ways of creativity, and sometimes to reinvent myself. I had the opportunity to live in different places and travel a lot along my life. This has broaden my vision of the world and of human kind. I studied human growth for three years and consider emotions essential to enter people’s worlds. I am a person of extremes. I love shooting a clean black and white photograph as well as creating new worlds manipulating an image completely. The Indians in South America say that the soul is stolen when a person is photographed. I believe that somehow this is true. I do not intend to capture the “true self” of a person in an image, I intend that the image has it's own soul. I work as a free lance photographer, doing commercial and editorial for local magazines, and of course, doing my own projects, always creating. In conjunction with my husband and fellow photographer Simón Brauer we created Neurona Digital, a company dedicated to many aspects of photography. I live in Quito, Ecuador, a city surrounded by mountains sharing infinite worlds of photography, among other things, with my husband Simón and my daughters Rebeca and Nina. Several solo and group exhibitions in Ecuador.