Tale of Single Mothers

PhotographerSayed Uzzaman
Prize3rd Place in People / Culture
Entry Description

Caption: 1.My mother holding a photograph of her youth, she dreamed about a happy family life as like as any other Bangladeshi young girl. Image No:01 Caption: 2.My mother, she feels like fulfilled with her children but a very lonely woman inside herself. Image No:02 Caption:3.My mother holding her X-Ray report, she struggled throughout her life for raising me and my brother, now growing older and older by her struggle and pain of her life. Image No:03 Caption:4.Shreyasee Bhadhuri, A single mother with whom I met in Kolkata, India. She has chances to hangout with her male friends. By this means she has a few choices to recoup her forlornness and absence of a male accomplice.Image No:04 Caption:5.Shadow of Shreyasee and her daughter while she was playing with her child on the rooftop. Just like my mother Shreyasee has to serve the role of both mother and father for her child.Image No:05


From my childhood I didn’t see my mom to smile from the bottom of her heart, I’ve felt that she was always surrounded by an imperceptible torment, incessantly. My brother and I are like the whole world to her. She gave us the love and care of both mother and father at the same time. She is a working lady, all through her vocation she served in a very ordinary job. In spite of her hardship of ordinary life she couldn't have cared more about me and my brother. My mom, a single mother, in a society like Bangladeshi society which is extremely hard to survive as one. Because of dominant Islamic cultural prejudice in Bangladeshi society it is difficult for a mother just to live without her husband. This practice isn’t still welcomed here by the mass. Recently I’ve visited India under an artist exchange program. There I found another single mother from Kolkata. Yes, her life is still exceptionally battling as well; however, I've watched her life and thoughts are altogether different from my mom. In India still single mothers are not welcomed by their society much, but rather as a result of the distinctions in overwhelming religious convictions things are somewhat diverse in Bangladesh and India. She isn't hampered simply like my mother in view of societal contrasts. She hangs out with her male friends, enjoys drink with them and spends good time. By one means or another she has a few choices to recoup her forlornness and absence of a male accomplice. Both of these women are struggling as single mothers in many extent. My plan is to work on these single mothers and their struggles throughout Bangladesh and India,and I'd like to demonstrate their battles in various structures in view of different societal parameters.