PhotographerRojo Sache
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Kraken is born of our deep aversion to the cold and ruthless nature of certain murderers who acted a few years ago in Spain and contains a deep critique towards the media that insisted on the dissemination of his crimes over and over again. The images are photo-montages of beautiful landscapes in which some terrible acts have happened, such as poisoned candies. They are very theatrical photographs, as the media, especially certain television, ended up becoming a true spectacle these deaths. Kraken represents the loss of humanity, both by the monsters who kill without showing compassion, as by the attitude of a society, anesthetized by the media, which has become accustomed to the horror. It's an open project based on the collage in which we continue to work.

About Photographer

Rojo Sache is the collective formed by the artists Rosa Isabel Vazquez (Madrid, 1971) and Jose Antonio Fernandez (Murcia, 1976). Their early works develop in both the professional and artistic fields but later in time her signature work becomes her main focus. Their work is represented by three art galleries and has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions. They lead the Photography Studio Imagenat in Madrid. His images have been obtained more than 50 prizes and awards in international competitions (Pollux at the International Gala Awards - Best Nature Photography - USA - WIPI - USA - International Color Awards - USA - Glanzlichter-, Germany-, International Aperture Awards - Australia-, Narava - Slovenia-, United Kingdom-, etc.) and spanish awards (national professional photography awards: Lux silver landscape and nature 2011, Lux bronze Industrial 2011, Lux gold, silver and bronze in landscape and nature 2010, Lux silver 2009 and Lux Bronze 2006), among others. Since 2006, they are the directors of the school of photography Aula Imagenat in Madrid. Besides, they are the authors of the didactic book "Foto a Foto 04" (Photo by Photo 04) from the Foto Ruta collection.