Another Day

PhotographerLarry Tho Dao
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Another Day is a group of four pictures captured in real life where a disabled homeless man living day after day by begging people for food and money.


He could not walk on feet, instead he used the two hands dragging his body to beg for money. His craw from station to station in the market collecting recycle items and left over food. His body cover with dirt, raw blood from the people cleaned the fishes. Another day for an unfortunate life, a man, a homeless has nothing but sorrow day after day. Life liked a spectrum full of colors where I feel fortunate to have the present better than other people. There is always hope and believe in a better day...

About Photographer

Mr. Larry Tho Dao was born in Saigon, Southern Vietnam. Grew up in a big city, Mr. Dao among others absorbed and admired great works by Nguyễn cao Đàm, Phạm văn Mùi, and many others artists. Photography transcended time that inspired Mr. Dao to appreciate and deeply involved in photography. Living in America, however Mr. Dao was touched and emotional with images about his home country, the people, and the world of light in a whole new way. His artistic pictures have won many titles and prizes in the international photography competitions. 'A Worked Day’, won First Place 2014 Best Picture in the Digital Light Room Photography competition and in this contest, ‘Casting Net’ won Second Place in the International Photography Awards. The picture was taken in Hội An, Vietnam. Five other pictures in this competition made the finalist Honorable Mentioned Awards, they were ‘Anh Bé, a Day in Remembrance’, ‘In the Field’, ‘Mother Nature’, ‘Eyes of the Guardian’, and ‘Beam the Earth’. Mr. Dao currently worked as a Chief of Engineers specialized in computer wide area network communication and software development. He traveled the world to meet his clients. His goals are too many to list but one of them is to achieve his professional in photography. His talent showed off in pictures about real life, travel, and landscape. Mr. Dao quoted, "If it's beautiful, let's imprint it in our memory by a simple click."