Wedding Angel

PhotographerVicens Forns
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyVicens Forns Photography
City/CountryFairfield, United States
Photo Date080417
Entry Description

A rare moment in Napa right in the middle of summer with dark clouds.

About Photographer

Vicens Forns is a professional award-winning fine art photographer from Barcelona, Spain and has been living in the beautiful Napa Valley since 2010. He is a third generation photographer and has done photography since he was a little boy. He delights in seizing fleeting instants of people’s lives and bringing them to life as enduring memories through his lens. With humor, he endeavors to make you feel comfortable so that you enjoy the experience and forget that he is even there, while he crawls, hangs, climbs and wiggles to find that special moment in time. Then he takes his camera and stirs in a bit of beauty, a pinch of harmony, and a hint of emotion and brings it all to a boil. Once it cools off, he throws in a sprinkle of technical expertise and a dash of his secret ingredient hoping to deliver something that will warm your heart for years to come.