Aerial Views Manila

CompanyPhotograph Bernhard Lang
PhotographerBernhard Lang
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Aerial Views Manilla Overpopulation Having about 23 millions inhabitants Manila, Capitol of the Philippines, is one of the biggest metropolitan regions on the planet. About the half of its population lives in extremely densely populated Slums and Squatter Camps. Seen from above it gets visible how close those cottages and shanty housings are compressed against each other with their varicolored rooftops. Photographed out of a helicopter in February 2017.

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- born 1970, married, two sons - 1993-1996 apprenticeship as photographer at Photostudio Anker in Munich - 1996-2000 working as freelance photoassistent for various photographers - since 2000 working as freelance photographer, based in Munich, Germany