PhotographerArzu Aybat Yasar
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryÄ°stanbul, Turkey
Photo Date2014
Technical InfoNikon D810 Digital Photography
Entry Description

Asura, means "ten" in Arabic language, it is an old tradition of Shia Muslims. Huseyin, a grandchild of the Prophet Mohammed, was killed by other Muslims while he was tracking in the Kerbela desert on the 10th Muharrem (a month in the Muslim calendar). Many others, even little children from his family, were also killed on that day. In Muslim tradition, every year on the '10th Muharrem', Shia people come together to mourn and remember that unhappy occurrence, and bring their children with them, in order to hand this tradition on to the next generations. These photos were taken by me, at this year's memorial ceremony in Istanbul.

About Photographer

I am a documentary photographer, who tells stories about different people. Camera is an instrument for me to enter other's lives. First, I do understand the place, people, case that I come in, and wait till I disappear as a photographer with my camera. And then everything goes on its way. Photography is nothing more than a way of understanding, and telling how I understand.