Syrian Refugees in Crisis

CompanyNish Nalbandian
PhotographerNish Nalbandian
Prize2nd Place in People / Family
Entry Description

Syrian Refugees living in Southern Turkey often do not live in camps, but in any accommodations they can find.


More than 3 million Syrians have fled their country's borders due to the brutal civil war that rages on. Many of them find themselves not in the highly visible refugee camps, but subsisting on the streets and in abandoned homes in Southern Turkey. Many receive no aid, and are on their own to survive as best they can. It puts strains on families pushed to the breaking point already by this horrific war.

About Photographer

I'm a self-taught photographer who came to the craft professionally later in life, as a second career. I am driven by an intense curiosity to see how people live in all the niches around the world.