black coast

PhotographerMichael O.A. Klapper
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryEichenzell, Germany
Photo DateSep. 2014
Technical InfoNikon D800, Objektiv: 16.0-35.
Entry Description

The coast pictures were taken in September 2014 during a tour in Iceland.

About Photographer

My name is Michael O. A. Klapper. I'm from Fulda | Germany and since the beginning of 2010 Photography is my great passion. Mainly I photograph architecture and landscapes. My focus lies especially on black and white photographs because they have something mysterious and dramatic at the same time. My photos are not a realistic replica of reality to me. Rather I use the taken picture as a canvas and create my own reality by editing it with specifically set light and shadows. An important step for my photography was when I applied the technique of long exposure and my decision to work in black and white. Shapes and shadows are the essence of black and white photography. These two technical approaches opened a whole new world to me and gave me the absolute freedom of expression which I have always searched for. So the dynamics of wind and clouds or even time can be represented and at the same time the method supports the representation of my own reality. This is my personal view of aesthetics and art.