Entry Title: "Face of Barbie"
Name: Dahee Han , United States
Category and Expertise: Other_FA|Portrait|Still Life|Other_S, Student

Entry Description: Barbie is a product that has successfully appealed to millions of girls over the number of generations, and it is still one of the bestselling and best-known toys in the world. But, even this well-known toy has an overlooked side, and strangely enough, it’s Barbie’s face. Through my project “Face of Barbie”, I have used close-up photography to explore the question of who Barbie really is, and seeing what Barbie’s face reveals about the doll and the dreams it evokes in girls.

About the Artist:

Dahee Han was born in South Korea, and currently lives and works in New York, USA. She is currently pursuing her B.F.A in Photography & Imaging at Art Center College of Design.