Two souls

PhotographerLuca Laghetti
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBari, Italy
Photo Date2015
Entry Description

Every image of this series is a double exposure photo obtained by blending of two images taken in my home region Apulia (Italy) . I shot the empty pool pictures in January 2015 in a closed bathhouse of my city while the pictures with beach scenes in August 2014. I live near the beach since I was born, so year after year, I see how it changes season by season but always keeping the same routine. I decided to create these surreal images to show how profoundly changes the approach of the people to the sea and the beach. In the summer season the beach is seen as a big and crowded playground where you can spend the whole day having fun, unlike in the winter it is a cold and lonely place animated only by those who live there all the year like me.