Entry Title: "State Of Creation #1"
Name: Arne , Denmark
Category and Expertise: Landscape|Landscapes, Non-Professional

Entry Description: Photograph is for me the project of visualization of reality and feelings outside it. In a poem it is said: that love is a little stone which lies laughing in the sun, and that you look in vain, if in this you look for the archetypical symbolism of the stone. This is also true for Arne's pictures. The things - the objects photographed - are not symbols or psychological projections. The photographic images each uncover the unique moment, when the spectator "sees" and for an almost imperceptible instant image and spectator are face-to-face and meet. Arne's photographs are paintings of the black and white drapes of light, the billowing of which sends the eye on an odyssey, accompanied by the seductive notes of the real object's fatal siren song.

About the Artist: