Jungle of reality

PhotographerJan Janssen
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

This series is about the hard life that the elderly of Europe face on a daily basis.


This series is about the hard life that the elderly of Europe face on a daily basis. Europe. A part of the world, where life seems to be good for everyone, but where an ageing population increases. In this Europe, cracks are growing in society. Poverty has made its appearance and the unrest among the people is growing. With poverty comes loneliness and social isolation, wich can lead to impoverishment of their social life and activity pattern. Loneliness is in the people themselves. This inner loneliness often has to do with the processing of problems. But loneliness is also a result of social changes, such as children who live far away from their parents. When people have no social contacts, this has a negatieve impact on their quality of life. It can cause serious threats to their health and can lead to nutritional deficiencies. Every parent in the world, no matter where you live or what your religion is, has the right to extra attention.

About Photographer

Dutch photographer Jan Janssen is best known for being an people-photographer. He was born and raised in the south of the Netherlands. While using only the natural availible light, he always has his eyes on composition and details. His heart is with the elderly in our society and the Buddhist inhabitants of the Himalayas. He specialized in documentary photography with a photographic culmination in 2013, when he launched his successfull photobook "The Himalaya, my home". The book was awarded several times with international awards. He is currently working on a series on poverty in Europe. I feel honored to participate in the I.P.A. International Photography Awards. Warm Regards, Jan Janssen, Netherlands