Entry Title: "Milan Central Station"
Name: William Batsford , Italy
Category and Expertise: Buildings, Non-Professional

Entry Description: This photograph is part of my project on Italian buildings in Milan from the Novecento period (see Apertura22.com). The Central Station is one of the most fascinating buildings in Milan, and in this photograph I attempt to reflect some of the architectural grandeur of the building.

About the Artist:

I was born in Canada and grew up in Canada and England. I studied Mechanical Engineering in England and in France before moving to Paris where I worked as an Engineer. I then moved to Rome to learn Italian before moving to Milan, where I currently live and work. I use both Large Format wooden cameras and digital cameras for my photography. I am quietly content with the balance in old and new technologies: wood, leather, darkcloth, counting exposures, GPS, histograms, ETTR. With a digital camera you can go almost anywhere to take photographs but heavier, less travel friendly, Large Format cameras keep architecture straight, an important aspect of much of my city photography (see Apertura22.com).