Ramshackle Splendor

PhotographerSam Eichenwald
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryDallas, United States
Photo Date2014
Entry Description

These pictures were all taken after midnight in different parts of Texas. The concept was to find dilapidated or industrial buildings and transform them into something beautiful with different lighting and exposure techniques. The images you see are what came out of the camera - these are not photoshop effects. Each photograph was taken in pitch darkness with exposure time lasting between 2-7 minutes. During that time, I wandered through the frame using colored flashlights to "paint" the surfaces. I also adjusted the relative aperture to allow for color to be brought out from natural lighting that was not visible to the naked eye. Sometimes the length of exposure made the sky turn blue, but this is all night photography. As many as 70 different photographs for each idea was required to obtain a single image that captured what I wanted to show.