L'esercito silenzioso

CompanyAntonello Sedda
PhotographerAntonello Sedda
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Italy is the leading producer of small arms in the world. Considering this, what kind of relationship Italians have with weapons? Light weapons are widespread in Italy, despite the laws are very restrictive, even if the owners keep it hidden for fear of theft. In Sardinia weapons are often used at the limits of legality. This work focuses on people and events related to this particular passion.

About Photographer

Born in Sassari in 1981. He received in 2002 a master’s degree in Languages ​​and Multimedia Technologies at the School of Higher Education ELIS in Rome. Professional graphic designer, he worked for RAI Italian Television in Rome, in graphics and special effects team. In 2004, he created a communications agency in Sardinia: Imprenta. Over the years he has produced dozens of advertising campaigns for companies, public administrations, large events. In addition to the commercial work of his agency, he photographed for newspapers, cultural magazines, cd music covers. Lives and works in Sassari.