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Lukacs says "to think means to endow the object with the power of speech." In a background replete with a sharp contrast, the asymmetric amalgamation of diagonal and curving lines is similar to the bewilderment of significatives in language. In today's modern and post-modern world where the tiniest of human movements and responses are under total surveillance by establishments of state, politics and power, photos, by outmaneuvering ideologies and mega-narratives, endeavor to reach another aspect of man, his responses and the "hard core of truth", and also to leave behind commodity fetishism and ideology.

About Photographer

Mohammad Amin Bozorgzadeh was born in 1987 in Iranshahr, Iran. He began to take pictures since 2006 in experiential manner, following that, he studied under one of the most professional and educated photography artist in Karnameh Institute of Arts and Culture since 2011, for two years.Besides, he has read up on philosophy of art, particularly Martin Heidegger and Jacques Derrida, being strongly influenced by them. He also followed and passed some related courses such as "Persian literature" and "Modern Art" in 2011 and 2012 respectively. He is also a known poet due to his poetry-photography book, published in 2013 and also his award in which was a candidate for Literary Award of Iran in 2007. He staged a solo exhibition of photographs in Zahedan, Iran in 2008 and a group exhibition in Tehran in 2013. He displayed in the last exhibition a conceptual artwork that was a combination of photograph and installation art. He is currently studying material engineering at Technical University of Denmark