Malawi Voodoo ceremony

PhotographerEd Wu
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

around 50 people gathered in a small house which located in a deep forrest. patients came here to ask the medical advice from sorcerer.


in many place in Africa, people are not able to afford medical expenditure, so they rely Voodoo pretty much. before the voodoo master came to the house, his deployment(other wizards) had been working 1-2 hours with patients, they singing and dancing. after the main master arrived, all people start to prostrate, to tell the pain to sorcerer, expect to get some relief. then the master will turn to a "god of voodoo", start to solve problem from people. to me, no matter there is a real medical impression or not, african people just need it, because its their only way to ease the pain either from body or mentality.