Entry Title: "The Chinese Dream"
Name: Ximena Echague , Belgium
Category and Expertise: Photo Essay and Feature Story|Political, Non-Professional

Entry Description: This photo is part of my work in progress named " THE CHINESE DREAM" and was taken in November 2014 in Beijing. It is about newly arrived immigrant in the capital. All revolutions have their unsung heroes, those that make it possible but often remain unknown, even despised. In China, the 250 million migrant workers, moving from west to east, are the pillars of this new revolution. Seeking employment and higher salaries, attracted by the lights and promise of the coastal cities, MIGRANT WORKERS IN CHINA leave behind part of their family, saving to finance their children education, without a resident permit (hukou) and therefore with difficult access to social services, including education and health. Illegal in many ways, but tolerated as the essential workforce. Even the longest journey starts with the first step…

About the Artist: