Ghost Wonderland

PhotographerStéphanie Buret
Prize3rd Place in Editorial / Political
Entry Description

"Ghost Wonderland": In 2005, the Burmese Junta started to build NayPyiTaw, her new capital city, in the middle of the country in the bush. Officials were forced to move from Rangoon. This empty city include several very distant aeras : luxury hotels, ministeries, zoo, big pagoda, railway station, and government palace which is inaccessible. Large avenues of 20 ways punctuate this inhuman space. Though environnment is dry and water/electricity ressources are lacking in the country, NayPyiTaw get 24h/24h connection. Moreover, cleaners employees are everywhere to polish the ghost «Wonderland ». Aung San Suu Kyi is talking about the city saying it’s a « Disneyland fascist ». New elections will come in October 2015.