Entry Title: "Kimmeridge Bay"
Name: Antonio Gouveia , United Kingdom
Category and Expertise: Landscape, Non-Professional

Entry Description: The rocks at Kimmeridge Bay were once the floor of a deep, tropical sea rich in pre-historic life. They formed in the Jurassic period, 155 million years ago.

About the Artist:

I was born in Madeira, moved to Jersey Channel Islands but I am now based in Portsmouth England. I have always enjoyed the creativity of other people in many different mediums. They inspired me to create images for myself and others to enjoy. Photography was always an interest of mine, but now it has become my passion. As humans we are lucky to be able to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings whether it be land, sky, sea, urban or rural. In every image I always show how a subject, however normal can be seen in a completely different light.