Double Vision

PhotographerTayne Hunsaker
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

All photos taken in southern Utah. photos 1 and 2 were from Zion's National park. Photos 3 and 4 were taken in Grand staircase-Escalante. The original photos were attached with a mirror image creating a unique visual display.

About Photographer

My name is Tayne Hunsaker. I picked up photography as a teenager, enjoying landscapes and how light can change the same scene in innumerable ways. I left photography when I became an adult believing as a young father it was selfish and expensive to continue. At 50 I have rediscovered my love for photography. Photography allows me to capture God's creations and share them with others. I have decided photography is something which needs to be shared and enjoyed otherwise our desire to create this art diminishes. As a teenager I was huge into photography. I stopped sharing my photos then stopped taking them. Over the last few years my heart has opened up and I have felt the desire to create this art again. At 50 my desires are different. My main joy is in the sharing. I see the beauty God created and I try to capture what our amazing “mind’s eye” sees. My photos are just a copy of the original. Photos help me remember the location the original which exceeds anything I can capture with a camera. I am in awe of the majesty and beauty around me. Photos instantly take me to these amazing places again reliving the scene. My hope and prayer is my photos will do the same for you and warm your heart and soul. Tayne You can also follow me on my Facebook page: Twitter: @TaynesPhotos Instgram: taynehunsaker I hope you will enjoy my photos and they will transport you to another place one of beauty. I hope you will consider one of these photos as an art work for your home or your office and enjoy!