Entry Title: "Flowing lifeline"
Name: kuo hsing Lai , Taiwan
Category and Expertise: Other_FA|Buildings|Cityscapes|Historic|Special Effects|Documentary, Non-Professional

Entry Description: Chasing the dream of people in the city. The use of multiple exposures and the regional light shielding finish shooting.

About the Artist:

* 2015 PX3 Paris Photography Competition Professional- Bronze Awards * 2015 IPA (International photography awards) Professional- Bronze Awards * 2014 International Loupe Awards_ Illustrative / Landscape- Bronze Awards * 2013 and 2014 PX3 Paris Photography Competition- Bronze Awards * Photo Taipei Photography Expo 2012 Solo Exhibition * Taiwan Photographic Art Exposition 2013 / 2014 Photography Exhibition * Austria Trierenberg Super Circuit 2014 / 2015 Photography Exhibition.