Flowing lifeline

CompanyAlbion Art
Photographerkuo hsing Lai
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Chasing the dream of people in the city. The use of multiple exposures and the regional light shielding finish shooting.

About Photographer

Taipei, Taiwan. Graduated from the Department of Architecture. Taking "Western Art History" in the Department of Fine Arts in National Taiwan University of Arts. Currently works and lives in Taiwan as a photographer. During these years,made the best use of the zone system theory(1941) by Ansel Adams, conducting a research into in today's digital video mode, and developing photography model called Temporal and Spatial concept which is developed by himself. That is to say, adding a sense of flow on the originally inspissated plane images, to form stereo images with the life force. * 2016 IPA - 3rd place in professional group in Architecture Category。 * TIFA - Gold Awards in professional group in Architecture Category, Bronze Awards in Fine Art Category。 * International Photographer of the Year - Second Place in professional group - Architecture: Cityscapes。 * 2015 IPA - 3rd place in professional group in Nature Category。 * 9th Annual PX3 Awards - 2 Bronze Awards, in professional group in Natural Categor。 * 2014 8th Annual PX3 - Bronze Awards, Art Awards, in Natural Category。 * 2013 7th Annual PX3 - Bronze Awards, in Natural Category。