Nationalism Renaissance

PhotographerPeter Bauza
Entry Description

Nationalism Renaissance Nationalism is on the rise in Hungary. After several years having been in the spotlight in the international media for marching in uniforms through Hungarian cities and villages, the banned Hungarian National Guard has splintered into several organizations in the country. Dissatisfaction with the centre-left coalition government's handling of the economy from 2002 to 2010 coincided with the rise of the right-wing nationalist party Jobbik, known for its anti-Semitic and anti-Gypsy rhetoric. Jobbik is the third-largest party in Hungary's parliament and with three MEPs it secured 20% of the vote in the 2014 election. It has tried to soften its image recently, but remains committed to defending conservative Hungarian values and thwarting integration of Roma communities, many of whom are desperately poor and marginalized. Hungary risks becoming increasingly isolated in the EU, where the country is considered a destabilizing force in central and southeastern Europe.

About Photographer

German-born, documentary photographer and visual story-teller, Peter Bauza, is committed to capturing images that are not only beautiful, but also inspire the viewer to reflect more deeply on the subject matter. PeterĀ“s stories most often address contemporary social and political issues. Whether working in black & white or in color, his images document how local communities are dealing with oftentimes-severe environmental and economic challenges. Peter brings a unique background to his photographic career. He is culturally, literate and fluent in five languages (German, French, Spanish, English and Portuguese) and able to move easily within many countries to capture the stories that need to be told.