Childhood & Purity

PhotographerZong Li
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

These pictures were selected to best represent the lifestyle of refugee children living in Punta Cana. Their purity and childhood lives on and reminds us of our own.


The warmth I’ve felt as a young child resurfaced when I visited the refugee children in Punta Cana. I have always stressed to myself about the simplicities in life, and my time spent there reinforced these thoughts. The purity and innocence that is lost sometime in our teenage years, was re-experienced by me as I ran, and played with the kids in a field full of nothing. A lifestyle that I have often time wished for and missed. A lifestyle that I wish could last beyond our childhood. I wish that I could forget all my comprehensions and realizations, so that I can be as naive and happy as I once was. Perhaps it is better to live day by day. But the purity of these children does not exclude the fact that they are in poverty and are in need of better educations and opportunities. I hope that these photos will not only bring back memories of our own childhood, but also raise awareness for the betterment of these children’s future.

About Photographer

18 years old High school Student. Currently studying Fine Arts and Film.